Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Another day another diagnosis

So, yesterday evening was spent holding martha whilst she screamed and screamed in pain for about 45 mins - hour. she wouldnt eat even though she was asking for food, and i could not calm her down at all. I gave her some pain relief and she seemed to get better. Sleep was a problem but then when isnt it with martha. But for her she didnt do too badly, only to be sick again this morning. After she had been sick mood much better and went on to eat a yoghurt and a slice of toast

So back to the docs i go. Coeliacs is ruled out as she hasnt had much diarrhoea and it definitely isnt a bug. It looks likely to be gastritis. When she was little, she had very bad silent reflux which made her scream in agony for hours until they took her off dairy and gave a special formula. So it could be another food intolerance that is making her like this or it could be that her level of yoghurts have increased and that is making her stomach react becuase she is not fully over the milk intolerance as i thought. Whatever i hate vomit and seem to be dealing with it a lot. She is now on strong anti acids until the referral date comes through.

I feel really sorry for oliver who is having to cope on his own a bit with martha being so ill all the time especially this morning when i had to farm him off on somebody else to take him to school. He didnt know whether he was coming or going and i feel incredibly guilty at how much he is having to put up with. I will take them both to the dreaded Macdonalds for tea. nothing like junk, inedible, as unhealthy as it comes, food to make a child feel better.

Does anybody else occasionally take their child to macdonalds and suffer guilt for it afterwards???? I find myself making loads of pasta sauces and butternut squash soup for days afterwards to counter balance the badness.

Anway not a lot of crafting going on but thought i would give an update on martha.

Just before we got the train to london last week


Indigo Blue said...

I am sending virtual hugs Jo!! Your photo is lovely of your children. Do not feel guilty about going to Mcdonalds at all. We go rarely but due to certain circumstances we sometimes do and a healthy diet the rest of the time counteracts it in my opinion. Everything in moderation, and McD's have had tho brush up on their act over the past few years about content of burgers etc. You must be so worried about Martha and I am sure that your son will not hold the change of routine against you at all. I hope it all gets sorted out an dkeep going back to the doctors until you are satisfied all is right. I firmly believe that Mum's now best when it comes to their children being ill and things need investigating etc. I seem to have rambled on a bit here sorry. Thinking of you.

Susanne said...

Blogger just ate my comment, and I'm too tired to type it all in again.

I'll be thinking of you, don't feel guilty.

Marmadaisy said...

Don't feel guilty, they are allowed the occasional "rubbish", and Christ you must need a break. Thinking of you all x