Friday, 29 June 2007

Just learning all the time

I am getting quite good at this blogger thing that everybody seems to have been doing for ages. Hopefully other people will hear of me soon (not sure how yet though). Have changed the format of the page and got a flickR button thingy which looks groovy. The velvet bag has been put off till next week and an evening/weddingy bag that i want to make has been put back as well due to the postal strike buggering up my delivery of fabric.

Children asleep - even Martha which is a miracle because normally it takes at least an hour to convince her that sleep is a good thing, bouncing in the cot is most definitely not. A little photo of my two angels i can say that now that they are asleep.

Andrew (hubby) is back from jetsetting around, and the bottle is open. Does life get any better???

Although I am going to try and squeeze in a bag tonight the Tiny Happy shoulder bag that is just fab and can be found here. I will be making it out of Ikea fabric of which i am a huge fan Plus a tissue holder.

The sun has finally come out - 8.15 in th evening but hey ho it is out. Small compensation for the poor people in SHeffield and Nottingham whose houses have been destroyed though. Heart breaking sights.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Spellig mistakes

Note to self - read through post before publishing so as to delete the three thousand spelling mistakes. Example below

Help Please

I am currently trying to teach myself HTML so that i can write my own website after having some ridiculous quotes from people. My brother keeps telling me how OH SO EASY it is - the fact that he is a software blokey obviously has nothing to do with his ability!!!

I also need to get better at takin gphotos of my wonderful creations The photos taken for ALi's blog are fantastic. But you know, although i am trying my hardest to be creative superwoman extroadinaire we all have to have a weakness.

My first handbag party is in 13 days (and counting). this basically where i get everybody drunk and talk them into selling my creations. Good eh?? Progress is slow as I have two children, the youngest Martha Rose is 1, Oliver is 4, and I am trying to finish a bag for my mother-in-laws birthday (which was 2 weeks ago._ Hey ho. I have managed to complete this basket style bag for the party which uses a vintage Laura Ashley fabric. Vintage seems to be the new buzz word for second hand!!!

I am currently working on a black velvet evening bag, with a beaded fringe to sell at the party and will post photos soon. Although i believe my camera is buried somewhere at the bottom of my spare room. Baby is creaming so really must go a do something constructive. Make a coffee perhaps!!!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

My first Blog

Well this is my first ever blog, i thought i should as i seem to spend so much of my time reading everybody eles, especially fellow bag makers out there.

I am trying to get lots of bags made for my very first handbag party in two weeks whilst trying to feed hubby and children.

Will publish photos of my my new stuff when i have made it.