Thursday, 28 June 2007

Help Please

I am currently trying to teach myself HTML so that i can write my own website after having some ridiculous quotes from people. My brother keeps telling me how OH SO EASY it is - the fact that he is a software blokey obviously has nothing to do with his ability!!!

I also need to get better at takin gphotos of my wonderful creations The photos taken for ALi's blog are fantastic. But you know, although i am trying my hardest to be creative superwoman extroadinaire we all have to have a weakness.

My first handbag party is in 13 days (and counting). this basically where i get everybody drunk and talk them into selling my creations. Good eh?? Progress is slow as I have two children, the youngest Martha Rose is 1, Oliver is 4, and I am trying to finish a bag for my mother-in-laws birthday (which was 2 weeks ago._ Hey ho. I have managed to complete this basket style bag for the party which uses a vintage Laura Ashley fabric. Vintage seems to be the new buzz word for second hand!!!

I am currently working on a black velvet evening bag, with a beaded fringe to sell at the party and will post photos soon. Although i believe my camera is buried somewhere at the bottom of my spare room. Baby is creaming so really must go a do something constructive. Make a coffee perhaps!!!


Ali said...

Oh you're too kind! I am a wing it and hope photographer - lots of natural light, take a zillion shots and crop, crop, crop. You should see the out-takes!

Joanna Butchart said...

NOw the out takes would be a whole new blog!!!!!!!!