Friday, 29 June 2007

Just learning all the time

I am getting quite good at this blogger thing that everybody seems to have been doing for ages. Hopefully other people will hear of me soon (not sure how yet though). Have changed the format of the page and got a flickR button thingy which looks groovy. The velvet bag has been put off till next week and an evening/weddingy bag that i want to make has been put back as well due to the postal strike buggering up my delivery of fabric.

Children asleep - even Martha which is a miracle because normally it takes at least an hour to convince her that sleep is a good thing, bouncing in the cot is most definitely not. A little photo of my two angels i can say that now that they are asleep.

Andrew (hubby) is back from jetsetting around, and the bottle is open. Does life get any better???

Although I am going to try and squeeze in a bag tonight the Tiny Happy shoulder bag that is just fab and can be found here. I will be making it out of Ikea fabric of which i am a huge fan Plus a tissue holder.

The sun has finally come out - 8.15 in th evening but hey ho it is out. Small compensation for the poor people in SHeffield and Nottingham whose houses have been destroyed though. Heart breaking sights.

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