Wednesday, 25 July 2007


I have an urgent bag order. Not a bad thing although all i want to do is curl up with a glass of wine and the Will Self book I am reading for book group. I have read it before but it was a very long time ago. SO far the reactions have been mixed. Personally i love it and I love the way Will Self writes. HE is a very clever man. The novelettes are called Cock and Bull.

Spent Monday enjoying a top to toe day at Henlow Grange. It was a present from my brother Richard and his wife Naomi. (he has lots of fab photos here) I was very ill last year and it was a cheer up present whilst on the road to recovery. I used the voucher this week and just had the best time although my nail varnish has now chipped from my manicure. MY toes still look pretty though.

Anyway I am working through the orders from the handbag party. Made the nappy pouch for Liz and it looks great - much better than mine boo hoo but i forgot to take a photo of it. SO Liz is very kindly fixing that for me and i will post the photo because the bag is very pretty.

The urgent order is for a basket bag (Lisa from U-handbag told me they would be popular and she was right) This one sold on the night. I was worried that it looked a bit twee but the girls seemed to love it and the one on order is to be very similar. The fabric is pink, with purple and pink ribbons and bamboo handles. I am trying to get it started AND finished tonight as she wants it tomorrow evening - see i told you it was urgent. Must get cutting

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