Monday, 2 July 2007

Who would be married??

WEll I am sitting here typing this when i should be going to book club. Andrew's flight is delayed and so i have no idea whether i am going to make it. This is a right pain in the prevebial as i have been stuck in the house all day as Oliver my oldest is ill and I have been counting down the hours until it was time to go and have a glass of wine with the girls, talk about the book for 5 seconds and then gossip. The book this month is A S Byatt Possession, which is a bit meaty and hard going. It is a good read and very clever but not for people who prefer a page turner. Should be using this time to read the last 50 pages.

On the good side i did manage to churn out this rather cute wristlet bag lst night out of a red satin material which i have had for ages. It was a bugger to sew with as it snags so easily but i am so SO happy with the result. I have put in some weighty interlining so it feels nice and padded. I made it for my handbag party in two weeks but i am kind of hoping that no one buys it as i have a wedding in August and I feel that i need to use this bag.

A S Byatt is calling

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