Monday, 5 November 2007

So upset

Do you remember this hat i made for Martha??

We had mislaid it and I was getting a tad upset but thought that she had probably thrown it out of the pram when we were not looking and that some kind person would find it and put it on a wall somewhere in the village. This is what normally happens in this community when something is found on the road. Believe me i am always finding Martha's discarded socks lying neatly waiting to be collected.

This morning on the walk home from school, I saw a child in Martha's hat. Obviously Martha's no mistaking it and i did make it after all. I asked the mother if she had found it on the street as we had lost it. I was then told quite brazenly that she had bought it on Dunstable Market and that she had a matching scarf. I explained quite patiently that she could not have bought that particular hat on the market as I had made it, had photos of the process and the design at home. She continued to lie, I was so angry and told her so and then walked away. My friend was standing there open mouthed at the cheek of this person I know it is just a hat and that i can make another. But i am shocked and stunned at the way in which she told bare faced lies to my face.

I will make another one but my faith in human nature has been dented somewhat. That is the second rude person i have met in a week and the second to upset me. Maybe i should toughen up.


Susanne said...

How sad. Well, it is only a hat I guess, but I can imagine how you feel. If she just had said that she found it and liked it so much, and had given it back, that wouldn't have been much of a problem.

Or maybe she did buy it, and somebody else took your design? (I can't quite remember if you made it from a commercial pattern.)

The annoying thing is that things like that always happen when we're vulnerable. When you feel fine and strong you don't meet that many rude people. So the best way is to take a break, and do something nurturing. Like taking a bath.

Ali said...

What a bare-faced liar! I'd have been slack jawed with disbelief.

But look on the bright side, she must have loved your workmanship and eye for colour! Perhaps you need a stall at Dunstable Market.

I like to make stuff! said...

Jeez! I would have had to b**** slap her. What a barefaced cheek!