Friday, 14 March 2008

Photoshop Play

So with a few tips from my friend Cath and finding the close up button on my camera (doh) I have been having a go at taking my own photos and then playing with them in photoshop, following the directions from Lisa in Craft boom and it has to be said i am quite pleased with the results. It was supposed to have a similar coloured scarf behind it but i didnt have the ring close enough to it, so when i came to the crop crop crop cropping bit it needed to go really. I am really chuffed with the white background i have achieved and with the way the colours of the ring have come out.This is how the photo looked orginally

As you can tell i am having a ring frenzy at the moment and this one is for my mum to go with an orange jacket she has. Once again the beads are threaded on using a complimenting colour jewellery wire. I have put a couple in my etsy shop but the rest i am saving for the craft fair. This weekend though i shall be making friends with my sewing machine again and taking it out of its short hibernation.

I must be mad because this evening after school instead of just taking oliver to his swim lesson i am taking martha in as well. A large G&T at the ready please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jo said...

Love the ring. The colour is great. Thanks for poping over to my blog. Sold another item on ebay, reusable shopping bag. Did them all on auction, maybe try buyit now next time. Good luck with the swimming lessons.

Indigo Blue said...

Best of luck with the craft fair. I think that all of your photos are good!

Ruth Ann said...

Love your rings! I hate to tell you, but I like the photo with the orange scarf better than the plain white background. It adds more life to the shot.