Thursday, 2 August 2007

Bloody Hell I have been tagged

Lisa has tagged me and now i am it. So I have to share 8 things about myself. This is my first tagging so all very exciting. I have to tag 8 other bloggers to keep it all going. This bit could be quite tricky as I only know a couple being all quite new to this but i will try my best to hunt down some fun and fab individuals whose blogs i have been secretly digesting.

Right firstly have a photo

Enjoying a coffee in Spain 2 years ago

slightly worse for wear at the NCT Valentine Ball i helped organise in 2005

  1. I hate mushrooms and prawns and any other food that squeaks. DO NOT tell me they don't squeak because they do, listen next time you eat them. In fact i cannot watch anyone cut up a raw mushroom without my palms sweating.

  2. I LOVE coffee. GOOD coffee strong enough to make your teeth curl. I try to limit myself to a couple of mugs a day and drink green tea the rest. It is a health decision not a taste decision

  3. I have a Philosophy degree. Always good at an argument, well less as time goes on. I was OK at school. better at the literary subjects, really not brilliant at the science ones. Although I did have a major crush on my Biology teacher Mr WIlmot and my maths teacher Mr. Davies. My brother Rik is the science geek ( a term i am using affectionately obviously)

  4. I adore the last part of making the bag when it is pulled through the lining. My heart starts to race with excitement as the bag is born. Such a fantastic feeling - that is until i realise that the handle tags are not centred etc etc etc. I wish i was better at sewing but i am getting there.

  5. I live in a little village called Toddington in Bedfordshire and it is the best place in the world. I moved here three years ago with Andrew and Oliver (Martha had not yet graced us with her presence). I moved back as Andrew is away a lot with work and I wanted to be closer to my family. What I have also been lucky to find is a amazing group of friends who are a fantastic support at all times. It also houses 7 pubs within a half a mile stagger so Andrew is happy.

  6. I have been married 8 years this year - all of them happy - in between the arguments none of which serious

  7. I love a tidy house but hate the act of getting it that way. Tidiness does not come naturally and it bores me to death. Consequently i do not live in a tidy house and constantly moan about this fact.

  8. I am currently reading Cock and Bull by Will Self. Just a fantastic writer. To summarise in the book Cock - a woman grows a penis and in the book Bull a man grows a vagina. But in some clever way he has made it seem a natural occurrence and it is not horrid but a really good read.

So there we are 8 things about me. I am going to tag these 8. Hel, Ali, Knit Lint, Sylvia, Angel Jem, Susanne and two others when i find them


Ali said...

Thank you for the tag - putting my thinking cap on...

And I am not keen on the part when you turn the bag. Mostly because I never ever seem to leave a big enough hole and it ends up in a wrestling match where any handles are in grave danger of being yanked off!

Susanne said...

Hey you're cute. Nice meme. And thank you very much for tagging me. I'll do it, ahem, next week or so.

I studied philosophy for only three months... I like it in school but at university not so much.

Of course mushrooms and shrimp squeak, but I like that. (I don't like strawberries and raw tomatoes though. Can't stand the seeds. And people tell me that there are no seeds all the time...)

My house became a lot tidier when I started doing the flylady-system. Of course it still has to be done but it is easy and fun.

And now I stop writing a comment to each paragraph of yours. I don't want to take over your blog.

Hel said...

My favorite is the pulling of the bag.

Thank you for the tag I will find the time if you find the patience :)