Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Hen Do Survival

So sadly it is over. My cousin Danielle survived her hen mania as did I - much to Andrew's amazement- it is now countdown to the big day. The stags have their frenzy this weekend, but it is going to take a lot and I mean a LOT of partying and silliness to beat us girls. I am counting myself as a girl even though i was the oldest by 8 years because firstly i got shouted at for winging about my age (quite rightly too i might add as i was starting to annoy myself) and secondly because my willingness to dress up as a cheerleader with my hair in a bunch on top of my head like a six year old means that I may have departed from my 20s but they are still visible from the rear view mirror.

Back Row from left - Sarah, Laura, Carolyn, Rhiannon Middle Row from left - Kate, Cleo, Cheryl. Front Row from left- Danielle (green tights), Mercia, Jessica, Me

The photo above is of us cheerleading at the David Lloyd Centre in Brighton. We soon realised from the stern face of the instructor as she came to collect us from the bar, where we had decided to have a quick beer, or in Danielle's case a bottle of blue horridness, that the lesson was going to be hard work.

Danielle's drink of choice

We got the feeling she found the concept of people drinking alcohol 2 minutes before an exercise class alien.

Danielle prior to "dance" class

After 45 mins of strutting our stuff and learning the art of pom pomming!!!! she taught us the routine to our chosen song of Hey Mickey

What can I say but we were all naturals - well until the bit where we got it wrong. It was a good laugh. we kept these GORGEOUS outfits on all afternoon much to the amusement or not as the case may be of the locals. (one bar refused to serve us - miserable gits)

The girls on route to the David Lloyd Centre

Sarah, Danielle and Rhiannon

The evening was a huge success. We all dressed up, we all looked gorgeous complete with little red horns (I had co-ordinated my shoes with the horns), and we hit Brighton with a storm. TO say too much about what went on that evening would break the hen night code but it ended with Danielle in the sea at 3.00am. Her shoes are still missing.

We all made it to breakfast and we all made it to pottery painting which turned out to be great fun.

The girls (minus me as I am taking picture)

So an absolutely fantastic time was had by everyone. I am SO pleased that i met all of Dan's friends who without exception are wonderful girls. Here's looking forward to even more fun at the wedding. Over to you boys - match that with your stag do!!!

Oh yes and my handbags had fun too.


Susanne said...

It looks like you really had fun. What a variety of activities. And a whole weekend. Here in Germany if there is anything at all you get together and get drunk. Or you have a "Polterabend" the evening before the wedding where you invite friends (men and women, bride and groom) they all bring old dishes and such and you smash them. And you get drunk. Of course.

Gretchen said...

What a great time you must have had. :)

Can't imagine why any bar would refuse to serve you!

andsewtosleep said... my day IF you had a hen night it was a few friends at the local. Yours looks like much more fun.

Hel said...

Wow it looks like so much fun.

saraeden said...

hiya just followed your link from u-handbag , just wanted to say hello there !!

Sara x