Sunday, 2 December 2007

I tag you tag

Hello. Cor what a week. MArtha really ill, trying to get ready for the Christmas craft fair (and failing) and hoping that i am more prepared for Fridays Christmas sale at a friends house with lots of different traders. People are coming to buy Christmas presents as opposed to window shopping.

The first fair is in a couple of hours, closely followed by the Book group christmas party. I am taking my home made chocolate and chille ice-cream which i am sort of making at the minute (not that i am disorganised or anything).

I will post the recipe later along with my reply to Anna's tag - 7 random facts about myself.

Wish me luck for this afternoon.

ps - hint do not read Baggage by Janet Street Porter - awfully written and dull.

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Susanne said...

I hope that Martha is well again. And that you will be able to make enough things for Friday. And that people will love your bags and place lots of orders. Which you then will be able to make in time without stress...

Looking forward to the 7 random facts...