Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Lucky Seven

Right as mentioned in my previous post i have been tagged by Anna.

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Oki Doki

Seven random facts

  1. This used to be a party trick of mine at university and i can still do it but obviously don't. I have a very big mouth and i can fit my whole fist (including knuckles, thumb, practically down to the wrist) in my mouth. No idea how i found out i could do this. I can also fit a cigarette packet (not that i smoke i hasten to add - university days again) length wise in my mouth.

  2. I got run over by an ice-cream van when i was 2 or 3. All the mums including mine were talking and i wandered over to the front of the van, leaned up against it and licked my lolly. the poor bloke driving the van could not see me as i was so little and drove off. I went under the van and out the other end. Luckily i was completely unharmed. A couple of inches either way and it would have been a different story of course. The poor man driving the van was in a right old state apparently (as was my mum) and reported himself to the police and resigned immediately. Bless him. he must have been devastated

  3. I was a vegetarian for 14 years even though i hate mushrooms (they squeak yuch)
  4. I hate flying. Big metal contraptions in the air does not make any sense to me at all. And yes i know they stay up there because the air pressure is greater underneath the wings than on the top. Doesn't help my fear although my fear doesn't stop my flying anywhere i am just not a nice person when i do it.
  5. I talk A LOT
  6. I have had a poem published in a magazine called "Desire". It was a very long time ago when i was sending any piece of writing off to anyone who would read it.
  7. I am ridiculously untidy. I cannot be tidy. I have tried, I have failed.

That was harder than i thought. Right the 7 people i am tagging are

Lucy Locket, Lisa, Ali, Susanne, I craft, Polly and dolliedaydream


Susanne said...

Thank you for tagging me. That was a nice assortment of weird facts. I, BTW, was a vegetarian for eleven years, and I finally learned how to be tidy in the past few years. It still doesn't come natural for me but I found that I feel so much better when things are less cluttered. Also I really hate to search for my stuff.

I like to make stuff! said...

I hate mushrooms too - not easy when you're veggie. They are like slugs blurrrgh! And I'm only tidy now because my partner has aspergers.

Polly said...

I not tidy either... in fact i'm VERY untidy. Artistic minds cannot be tidy ~ or so I tell everyone :)
Thank you for tagging me!!!

Ali said...

I did it Joanna, well, sort of, ish.