Monday, 7 January 2008

Apologies in advance

Just a quick post to say that if any subsequent posts become moany ranty objectionable and argumentative it is because i am on a two week detox thingy. Not a just eat celery and water one but i am cutting out all carbs, wine, coffee and chocolate for two weeks to give my body a kick start.
I drink lOADS of coffee and rely on it quite heavily
I LOVE my wine
I need chocolate to survive.

But hey ho, my waist no longer fits into any clothes so drastic times etc etc


I like to make stuff! said...

Sheesh! That IS drastic. Wine, chocolate and coffee are 3 of the 5 major food groups (the fourth and fifth being crisps and haribo). I would have to sew my mouth up. In fact, I wouldn't even get out of bed.

Ali said...

Blimey! Bravo you. I prescribe extra internet time to keep your hands busy. But no food blog visits.

Susanne said...

Good luck. I'm just going back to almost no sugar, and alcohol only on weekends thing.

And - just rant away. We can handle it.